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I have been a member of the Blues Club from the start. Member #1 was Pip Payne, #2Trudy, #3 Phil Raynee, and member #4 was me. When the club moved to the Hotel Bristol, Barry Saunders and Caroline Easther had a CD launch there. We have had bands like Kokomo Blues and The Nairobi Trio. Trudy Benham set it up. She was doing everything: the band bookings, the payments, the raffle etc. We called her Trudy Blues. Once in a while I took over and gave Trudy a night off.

Aside from Trudy, the working Committee over the years has changed, morphed and evolved: Pip Payne, Kayte Edwards, Stephen Upston, Skye Anderson, Al Witham, Sarah Duckworth, Dougal Speir, Richard Caigou, have all done heaps of work to keep in running AND Tony from Buzz Audio did the sound for years.